We Advocate Green Paints…

We at Mangrove Painting Services Dubai advocate Green Paints. Green paint means Paints with Zero or Low Volatile Organic Compounds – known as VOCs. These compounds include, but are not limited to, Lead, Mercury and Formaldehyde etc. These are volatile compound because due to their low boiling point, they can evaporate from the paints into the air at very low pressure. Zero to Low VOC Paints are called Green Paints because they are safe for the environment and safe for humans and animals.

If the Ratio of these compounds is high in a paint, they can pose health hazards and can cause different ailments from Skin and eye irritation to respiratory and lung diseases to Cancer etc. They also carry strong and pungent smell. Ordinary paints that do not specify on their labels as Zero or Low VOCs may contain higher amounts of these compounds.

There are many brands of Green paints available in the market that offer Green Paints. We have found Benjamin Moore Paints from the USA and Kansai Paints from Japan of the highest quality and standards from coverage, Quality of finish and safety point of view.




There are very few painting companies in Dubai that are either aware of the distinction between Low and High VOCs and the implication of the ratio or they pay no heed to this vital info. Fortunately, Mangrove Painting Services and Mangrove Cleaning Services are advocates of Green Services in Dubai UAE. Call us at 04-3689941 in Dubai for Free consultation.

Mangrove Painting Services Dubai

Living in Dubai is a privilege. It is one of the finest cities on earth. The transformation from virtually a fishing Village to a Metropolis of the world in a few decades is not only mind boggling but a very interesting case study as well. To manage this growth in infrastructure to population and resulting needs and requirements is a huge task and a tall order. The challenge is one side of the coin and the opportunity to benefit from this growth is the other side.

The challenge and opportunity is not only in the numbers but the diversity of the population too. There are almost 200 different nationalities living in Dubai & UAE. They bring different habits, tastes, values and cultural traditions. To manage this spectrum of clients require special attitude, skills and training etc. There is huge demand of services in this metropolis. However, it seems there are either not enough service providers or there are not many who can manage the expectation of this diverse Canvass of clients in Dubai. Painting services is one such interesting Case.

Mangrove Painting Services Dubai is a Painting Division of Mangrove Services Dubai that we have started based on the feedback of our clients.  Mangrove Services Dubai came to become a Market Leader in Deep Cleaning Services in Dubai as we were the first and still the only company that used Steam Machines instead of Mop, Bucket and Chemicals based cleaning in Dubai. More than our technology and our concept, our clients rate us for our efficiency and our attitude towards the provision of service.

We were forced to add Painting Services in our portfolio by one client who said, if you have the attitude and commitment, you can successfully offer painting services in Dubai too. So here we are. We are small outfit yet but we have got this attitude of “Can Do” and we would love to be challenged by you, our customers and clients.